How can you not?

Love crunchy words

Like lettuce and barnacle, zeitgeist and itch

Ribosome, applecore, pumpkin and kitsch

love prickly words

Like porcupine, happenstance, Guernsey and gable

Penultimate, burlap, corbel and sable

embrace secret words

Like whimsy, whippoorwill, tingle or trundle

Elfin, apprentice, bipedal and bundle


a dirndl, fleur-de-lis, damsel-fly brogue

a tapestry, sacristy, elegant rogue

Hopscotch from

Marble, mosaic, to hardwood parquet

To bamboo and walnut and opal inlay


The orchid, the absinthe, the redolent fir

Of sandalwood, ambergris sassafras-myrrh

leaping from

pebble to cobble, in babbling brook

Dappled and rippled, sparkling Chinook

And settle in fairy-ring, cavern or nook

Nestle with leather-bound, intricate book

Leery of

Harlequin, parlor trick, flimflam, bamboozle

balderdash, blarney, malarkey, perusal

Silver tongued, bleary-eyed, black-hearted devil

looking-glass, filigree, facet and bevel

hearken the

kettledrum, glockenspiel, conga and lute

dulcimer, carrolan, djembe and flute

Raven, the dragon, the angel’s disease

the harbinger carbuncle odious wheeze


Kingdom and phylum and prehensile paws

Talons and velvet and saber-toothed maws

Shibboleth, trebuchet, ocelot stalk

Brachiate, undulate, gargoyle and auk

A lexical, textural story to tell

an endless and infinite, bottomless well