You Learn Something New

Maybe it’s just me.  But there are some things I know, but I don’t know I know them.  Get what I mean?  For example, the other day I was sitting and thinking to myself about something my mom used to tell me (I swear she did). 

You know sometimes when you eat, or you even see something yummy, especially something sour, how you get a stinging sensation in the corners of your jaws?  Hmm, maybe this doesn’t happen to everyone.  Well when I am hungry, if I haven’t eaten in a while and someone offers me a juicy peach, glands that are about two inches below my ears get a sharpish stinging pain.  I asked my mom why it hurt and she told me it was my glands. 

Not just any glands, but specific glands that were right there.  I am 39 now, and I got to thinking the other day that I’ve never heard of these glands anywhere except from my  mother.   I was going to go look them up on the Googles.  Right before I typed the word in, I realized I was never going to find these glands, because there was no such thing. 

I had no new information, I just suddenly realized that if people did haveSpangular Glands, I’d have heard of them by now.  I called all my siblings.  None of them remembers being told this particular lie.  I still double checked on Google.  No dice.  We do have Salivary Glands, but not Spangular ones.   Too bad I’ve been telling my kids about theirs for years.