Let me tell you something creepy: I had no idea that I had posted on my blog until I got Linda’s comment. We can safely attribute this to the fact that I took Ativan before we took off. Ativan makes flying not so scary for me, but it also renders the rest of the day a dreamlike quality, where I don’t remember things unless someone reminds me.

A quick visit to Manythingsdonotfly confirmed that I was indeed a drug-addled blogger. I don’t know what the heck I was talking about. I’m not a nomad. Not at all. I’m a reluctant traveler and a big baby.

The company here is quirky and fun, like someone has dropped me into a sit-com.

I ate yesterday: Breakfast at the hotel (continental deal) Lunch at Bumblebees (shrimp taco, chicken taco, black beans and rice. Fresh and good with a bar of salsas, cilantro, lime, onions and chips), Dinner was El Pieto (Italian, very expensive and very good. The desserts were stellar. There was a chocolate cake which tasted like melted chocolate chips, I had a cobbler-thing which had the most buttery shortbread topping).

Yesterdays big and memorable events involved the dying of our big traveling van. The battery died while we were visiting some ruins. We happened upon a nice engineer in a Land Cruiser who carried jumper cables. He charged us up and we came back into Santa Fe. While some of the group checked out the Goodwill store, the rest went to try to get a new battery at the Walmart. Walmart didn’t have car batteries. Goodwill didn’t have much of anything.

Pep boys took a look at the van and decided it was a loose connection and they fixed it all up. We went on the rest of the day’s journeys without incident. This morning the van was dead again. The rental agency is sending two drivers to get us squared away some time today.

Hours and hours later… we are in Taos at the San Geronimo bed and breakfast.  Lovely little town and a sweet, but not little B&B.

I got seriously sunburnt in some little slices of me between the edge of the shirt and the edge of the sunscreen.


Gone and Back in On Clean Motion

Das right boys and girls.  I’m back on the bloggerator,  I am in Santa Fe NM with my dad and the Anthropology Club at Normandale.  Boy these kids and adults are smart.

I am going to make a promise right now that every day I have an internet connection available, I will write something about my day.  If nothing else, it will be what I ate and what I saw.  Today I ate lots of candied ginger from penzeys to help keep my stomach in check.  It didn’t help all that much.  I am meant to be a nomad, but only the kids that travels by foot.  no wheels or boats or wings.

The flight from MSP to Albuquerque was a long one that med me almost throw up,.,,  I’m still not quite  with it.  But my shrimp dinner at the guadalupe restaruant was quite nice.  I’ll try to get some pictures up.