International Relations


Libyan guy hasn’t caused any commotion.  He is conscientious and even if he wasn’t, all he has to do is smile and he’s easy to forgive.  He has had no shortage of female attention.  I guess I’ve been out of the market for a long enough time that I got dumb.  He came home on the 5th of July with hundreds (no lie) of mosquito bites.  All over his legs, his back, his arms his neck…  He was miserable for a few days. We couldn’t figure out how someone could get so many bites.

Andy (genius that he is) said, “Maybe were you drinking?”  A sheepish smile.  Maybe a little.  But his friend, “she have so many bites”.  “Did you maybe… Fall asleep?”  Maybe a little.  We didn’t follow up with, “Were you naked?”  But we got the general idea.

A few days later, he brought his cute blond friend in to meet us.  Silly me, I ask,  “Oh!  So do you have lots of mosquito bites, too?”  She looked confused (this where I silently say “shit”) then smiled and said, “Oh, no.  That’s just him.”  I guess it didn’t occur to me that he’d have multiple girls juggled so quickly.

He has a dog phobia.  Even tiny dogs. That’s kind of cute in a way.  I appreciate phobias.  He told us today that Brad Pitt is “Hot” in a very excited way.  He loves dessert, especially brownies and ice cream.


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