And now…

Jasper and I received 2 apology letters yesterday. They were very nice, with no cross-outs or anything.  Here are excepts,with the spelling intact..

Dear Ms.Morgan,

I’m really sorry for being mean to you and Jasper. I’m really sorry that I swore at Jasper and called him mean names and made fun of him.  I will stop doing that and not talk to him any more.  I’m also very sorry for being mean to you.  The reason I said you were like stocking me is because when you where writing to me I didn’t now who you were.  I felt like you were getting in my buisness, but I guess you were doing the rite thing for me. I feel realy bad for like what I did.  I just don’t want Jasper being mad at me even though I think he is.  I’m very sorry for what I did and hope you forgive me please! with a happy face and a heart

Dear Jasper,

….Sorry that I made fun of you all the time.  I shouldn’t of done this.  I will learn from the mistake I made.  I will never swear at you again.  Sorry for what I did and I hope you forgive me.

I think they were very nice and I remember making Jasper write similar notes and what a battle it was.  Especially with kids who have reading and writing disabilities, wrting a letter is a really difficult task.  Do we acknowledge the notes or drop it?


2 thoughts on “And now…

  1. emily says:

    well, neither of you is under any obligation to accept their apologies or to offer forgiveness, especially since it was your attempt to accept ellie’s apology that earned you the “stocking” accusation in the first place. it seems like the school people ought to be notified that the girls have made an effort, though.

  2. lisa says:

    I didn’t make at all clear that both of these notes were written by the girl who sent the ugly electronic messages. One was for me and one was for Jasper.

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