What I didn’t notice

Well maybe better said, What I didn’t notice immediately.  The most obvious was that she was probably trying to sell me  on joining this new venture.  Imagine how quick her turn-around would be if she went right home and started making calls to people she knew, right?

The inner me is still not sure that’s what was happening, but the reasonable me has decided that the inner me is an idiot.  But not That much of an idiot.  I guess my suggesting what she had just bought into was quite likely a scam of some sort was tantamount to a pretty firm, “No, Thank you.”

She’s excited.  She’s so excited.  She and her husband live comfortably, not luxuriously.  They have lots of dogs they support, but no kids and no mortgage.  He works nights, I can imagine they’d love to find something a little less draining than that with which to support themselves. Apparently this deal has two ways of producing income: first is you sell memberships to other people, secondly, the Company has some sort of agreement with big, reputable companies, to… To what?  I still don’t understand what they do.

She said she didn’t understand really either, but it involved third parties who did bill processing and credit card applications for companies like Best Buy, Dish Network, GE Security.  It even involves taking current companies she might already work with (like cell phone companies, or cable companies- neither of which she uses) and running your account through the Company.  That way, every month some money from her monthly bill would actually go back to her.

So it must be that her opportunity for income growth is if she can convince lots of people to agree to run their current bills through XXX Company, and then a portion of their bills will go to her as well.  They call that “Residuals”. If you get enough of those, you can be independently wealthy, and move up the rankings in the Company.  I don’t quite understand what moving up the ranks does, but it seems to involve a Lexus.

We got off the phone agreeing that we’d both go and do more research and we’d touch base in a day or so.   As near as I can tell, this is a scam, but it’s legal.  They sell the opportunity to sell products which a person could sell without the Company being the middle man.  What the Company has, is a great polished looking website (although the phone number is never answered and the only thing one can buy on the website is merchandise with the Company logo on it), hope, and a subtle us/them attitude.  Us is (with some exceptions) Christian, working-class men and women.  Them is poor, lazy, uninspired or cynical people who don’t believe in anything (much less their dreams) and are afraid to ‘think outside the box’.

So hope and gullibility are two aspects necessary for this thing to fly, the third is self-doubt.  I frequently don’t understand things.  But if I ask a few questions and I pay attention, I can understand almost any business model or philosophy.  My adult self knows this, but my inner child self secretly is embarrassed to say when I don’t understand something.  This happens to many people, I think.  I know when I asked Honey about it, she repeatedly said she didn’t really understand it, but that she’d be learning more.

My philosophy really is, if you can’t explain it to someone else, you don’t understand it.  If someone wants you to get involved in something you don’t understand, they are trying to scam you.

I’m thinking about calling her back and asking more questions to see if I can get a better handle on what the hell makes her want to do this.  I’m thinking about calling the Company to see what they hell they SAY they sell.  How can a website not give the user any idea of what in god’s name their business is?  It’s weird, I keep thinking I  must be missing something.  It’s like eating styrofoam.  There seems to be structure there, it’s even a little crunchy, but something really important seems to be missing…

One cool thing is that if I publish the company name, my readership will spike and tons of people will come on and call me a DreamKiller and rant about how ignorant I am.  I’m thinking about it, but I don’t want any trouble to come to Honey.


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