I cannot overstate my strong feelings of disgust for emoticons. I don’t mind too much the kind which are cleverly made from the existing symbols on the qwerty keyboard.
The kind which cause unreasonable rage and ire to swell in my breast are the cartoon kind. I hate the yellow smiley or winky.
I thought when the smileys started to move, that I had reached the pinnacle of my frustration. I was wrong.
Today I chatted with a guy I know from Columbia. He always wants to chat on MSN because he can use his little cartoons. I try to ignore them. I asked him if he knew how to spell the spanish word jengibre (one word for ginger). His response was lightning quick. It was a short looped video thumbprint of a white haired bearded man stroking his beard in thought. Holy piles of eviscerated rodents! I threw up a little in my mouth. If I can get a screen shot and share with you the violation we are talking here, I will. That shit is whack.


One thought on “emoticons

  1. emily says:

    hmm, i’ve never used MSN chat, but most discussion forums have an option somewhere in your personal settings to display/not display emoticons. i don’t know what they show instead… the bracketed name (e.g. “eyeroll”) would be best, or the ASCII characters would be second best, but if they show nothing at all then your chat buddy would have sent you a blank message and you’d be wondering what he had tried to say.

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