I have a new niece.  She’s named Isla Marie.  She’s lovely.  Right after she was born my brother and I started suggesting names.  We got silly as we are sometimes wont to do. She was born a couple months ago, I thought it was time to let her mom know what our ideas were while she was in the hospital.  Maybe she’ll let us name the next baby.

Our newest family member didn’t have a name for hours and hours. Being the close knit family we are, we sprang into action and started a suggestion list (knowing in our heart of hearts that the name had already been picked, but the parents were shy about announcing it).

Name suggestions, just puttin em out there: Flower, pomegranate, K’shontell, Bonnie, Cadence, Muppet, Clara, Jestipher, Sullivante, Pot-pie, Maple-nut, Fuzzy, Dumpling, Suzie, Zinger, Alabaster, Dong-quai, Dove, Aplet, Verdigris, Hopiness, Mandrill, Sober, Ireland, Strato-cumulus, Tomorrow, Fistula, Bonus, Ligation, Gem, Parley, Love..

IF my mom were alive, she’d just call the baby whatever she wanted anyway, no matter what we named the child.  Either that, or she’d simply call the child “Baby”.  Here’s a poem for Baby:

Isla Marie

Dumpling, Darling, Puddnin’ pie
Cadence, Clara, Lorelei
Jestipher, Verdigris, Daisy,
Suzie-Q, Ireland, Mazy
Maple-nut, Zinger, Plowshare and Dove
Muppet, Puppet, Pinafore, Love
Mandrill, Marzipan, Fuzzyhead-Anne
Sober, Sariah, Fedorah or Stanne
Fecundity, Abstinence, Proliferation
Conception, Creation, Tubal Ligation
Parley, Patricia, Portence or Trial
Cirrus,Tomorrow, Fistula, Smile
Bubbly, Finnley, McInty, McCleire
Elsivir, Ellington, Ensign or Eire
Your Sisters and Brother
Your Dad and your Mother
Are waiting to call you Names


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