Jasper/ Beanstalk 3

I tired of waiting around while people who don’t know us supposedly work on our behalf.  Andy tired of not knowing what to do with our Flex account.  I decided I didn’t really care what Lila at Genentech said, the insurance company was who we were waiting for, so I called them.

Rebecca said that BCBS received the request for approval on the 6th of November.  Now, our doctor talked to us on October 14, give or take a day and said he’d pass it onto the blahblah, which I admittedly glossed over and assumed would be fine.  He said we’d hear in a couple weeks.  I was sure by the end of the month we’d be ready to go.

Three weeks later, BCBS hears their first of the case.  Legally they have 7-10 business days to make a call on it.  That’s what Rebecca said, “So I would guess you’d hear something right around the 19th of 20th of November. ”

I looked at my calendar to double check, “Well, that would be more or less… today, right?”  Long, long pause.  “Just a moment.”  Sometimes you have to compose yourself when what you say runs smack into reality.   “You should be able to call this afternoon or first thing tomorrow and find out if it’s approved or not.”    So I guess that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll keep you posted.


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