Landed around 9 this morning.  Vibrating badness from the right wing quadrant was a little alarming to many of the uninitiated on board.  The attendants on LAN weren’t much concerned.  We landed, so I guess that’s the important part.

Overnight flights in coach suck.  We were packed in there like smelly little sardines.  And let me tell you, by the time morning rolls around, that plane and everyone on it stinks of effluvia.  Not good.

Annie is happy to show us around her new town.  She’s newly self-confident and seems to be perfectly comfortable chatting in her second language with almost anyone.  Remarkable when you think about it.

We picnicked at a sculpture park and got to watch a young couple lay on the grass and make out for at least a half an hour.  They just laid lay lain on the grass and were eating each others’ tonsils the whole time.  I think I would have been about done with that action in about a minute.  Annie says it’s because young adults all live with their parents and so they have to make out in public places.  But do they have to do it for so long?

We’re having an ongoing tension about what Diane and I need to do to stay healthy.  Annie is of the school that we should pick things off the ground and neglect to wash our hands because we’ll build up resistance more quickly.  I am disinclined to take her advice given the medical problems she has had on her way this this new found sturdiness.  We’re only going to be here ten days.  I don’t want to build immunity.  I want to avoid getting sick. That’s my plan.

My camera doesn’t turn on, I’m thinking my new batteries aren’t so good.  If I get it going, I’ll take pics to post.


2 thoughts on “Santiago

  1. Terry says:

    I miss Diane’s tonsils.

  2. Bern says:

    This has nothing to do with your topic. I hope you have a great trip!
    Happy Birthday. Geni helps a lot when I look at it. It’s like facebook & etc., where I pay some attention but not a lot. I digress from my message.
    I was thinking about your mom & when you were born. Back then, we had snail mail and phones. Phones were pretty expensive and the mail was plain slow.
    When your mom & I spoke after you were born, I had been told my baby would be born any day. With a due date of the seventh of March, I was ready.
    I will never forget what she said: “She just slipped on out; it was so easy! Hardly any labor at all! And she’s so-o good!”
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo B

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