My Latest Little Project

I’ve been intrigued lately by the people we see in our daily doings.  I get out a lot in my neighborhood.  There are people who have become part of my routine who I don’t know at all.  Some of them are fixtures in the neighborhood, in St.Paul, even.  There’s Shirley up at Northwest Salvage, and her son Paul.  There’s the guy who rings the carillon bells at House of Hope Church.  There’s the old guy who walks grand with a cup of coffee held carefully in front of him, usually has his sweatshirt tucked into his pants.  Also there’s Lee from Lee’s and Dee’s Barbecue and the Ankh guy who wears the fabulous giant hats and African shirts.  The guy with the recumbent bike and the little white dog who rides along with him.  Sunny Day Chinese imports is owned by a lovely woman who always makes time for a chat and to invite you for tea.

I probably wouldn’t ever approach the lady with the brown cigarettes who rides the 63 and shouts obscenities.  The heavy-set woman who tried to alter a check of mine and cash it isn’t on my list either, although she still knocks on doors around here.

Paul at Walgreen’s was my first catch for an interview. It’s not scintillating, he’s a regular guy.  But I like the idea enough to keep doing it, because everybody’s interesting.

Here’s the first little bio:


One thought on “My Latest Little Project

  1. David says:

    TOTALLY awesome idea!! I love it… Get a few good ones under your belt and you may attract some attention (good / media attention!!)

    Good luck with your new project!!

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