Another Interview of a Neighborhood Dude

Here’s the second interview for my experimental blog.  I have another one scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.  Got any ideas about who I should interview?


One thought on “Another Interview of a Neighborhood Dude

  1. Jim says:

    Lisa, I have a few suggestions for interviewees. I would recommend an interview with Vivian Stone. Vivian used to live on Ashland Avenue on the other end of the block from me. She had lived there for a long time and is very knowledgeable about the neighborhood’s history and the characters that have lived there. She moved a few years ago to an apartment elsewhere in the city but she visits frequently and she attends Unity Unitarian Church on Holly. She attended the first crime meetings held on Ashland in the late 80’s or early 90’s. She lives to call people “lovies,” or at least that’s what she called Bill and I. I have contact information for her if you are interested.
    I think Dick Buggs would be a hoot of an interview and certainly has been a neighborhood character for decades.
    Do you know Charlotte who works at Bruegger’s Bagels on Grand and Avon? She lives or did live above the place. She is an amazing woman that sings at people all the time and she knows just about everyone that walks into Brueggers. We usually have coffee and a bagel there on Saturday mornings and that is how we have come to know Charlotte.
    The woman in the “peace” house on Laurel — she has the old lamp shade in her front garden and she constructed a maze in her side garden. I have gotten to know her via DFL precinct caucuses. I think she has been part of the neighborhood for a good long while. Sorry I am blocking on her name.
    Another might be Yusef Mgeni, Director of the Office of Educational Equity at Saint Paul Public Schools. He has lived in the neighborhood a long time.

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