SPPS Budget Priorities

Stairs at Webster/Obama Elementary

Stairway at Webster/Obama Elementary

falling down fence in front of Obama Elementary

Crumbling Stairs at Obama Service Learning Elementary

yet another set of crumbling stairs at Obama Service Learning Elementary

Webster/ Obama School is getting an $18k sign installed using money in  the capital improvement budget.  It’s going to be over 7feet tall and have a scrolling LED display on the top.  In addition to being obnoxious as far as signage goes, and in addition to ignoring the neighborhood complaints about the size and nature of this sign there are perfectly good reasons to spend that money somewhere else.  Like repairing their stairs or putting up a decent fence around their lovely garden.

I had an exchange on Facebook with a Saint Paul Public Schools board member who said she’d love to hear ideas of better places to spend the capital improvements money.  It took 15 minutes for my husband and I to go take these pictures.  I guarantee you I could find a dozen more places if I went into the building or asked some of the staff.

A 7 foot sign with scrolling LED  display?  When the stairs are crumbling?  Seriously?  I won’t vote for another property tax increase.  I’ll even fight against the next one if the sign initiative goes through.


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