Abdullah is from Kuwait.  He’s staying here for 2 months while he goes to English Classes.  He’s very nice.  He’s got a pretty strong aversion to cats, trumped only by his hatred of dogs.  His family thinks he’s very brave to stay with us, being as how we have 4 cats living here.

Yesterday he was eating ice cream and I saw that one hand had gotten sticky.  He made the mistake of touching  the carpet.  It’s just a hazard of living here.  If your food drops on the carpet, unless it’s candy coated, there’s no five second rule.  Sticky fingers will be covered with hair.  His were.  I pointed out his fuzzy fingers to him and said he should wash them.  “I have this spoon…. I’ll be Ok.”

Within the space of about 2 bites he had cat-hair in his mouth.  He was totally grossed out.  He gagged, pulled the hair out with his hairy fingers and went off to wash his hands, and probably his mouth.

When he came back, he said, “Hello.”  which is an endearing thing that he does almost every time he enters a room.  I told him he didn’t have to say hello every time he walked into the room.  He smiled politely and said, “I know.  But I am a different person this time.  I have eaten part of a cat.” Little does he know how much of a cat he’s probably already eaten just by virtue of being here.

We like him.


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    Good one, Lisa! B

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