The truth about me

I am really a small person with a cold, hard heart. Lots of times, when I see something really clever? Lots of times I feel like I hate the clever person. I’m jealous and greedy.
Let’s be honest, there isn’t enough awesome in the world for everybody to get a share if some people are hogging it all. In this respect, awesomeness is a lot like money.
The thing is, I’m not that way about money. Only about beauty, talent, dedication, smarts, focus, strength and confidence. You might as well know, when you’re at your best, and it’s really great…? I hate you a little.

PS if you consistently write in your blog, that counts as awesomeness


5 thoughts on “The truth about me

  1. Do I need to quit so you won’t hate me??

  2. Wait… Did you just post on two consecutive days??

    You don’t hate yourself now do you? (wink)

  3. Paul says:

    I am a huge failure…we can still be friends.

  4. bERNIE says:

    You are lovable anyway. xo

  5. fatheroffive says:

    I do NOT consider you small whatsoever. I consider you “petite”!

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