Shakin My Head Up

I get that this is mostly about the inside of my head and not the outside of the world. I get that. But it kept making me chuckle and smile.

Across the street from our rental house they are having some egress windows installed. The worker-guys are young (late twenties?) black guys. Do-rags and baggy, if not saggy jeans. This is the second set of windows they’ve done at this house. Every time we go by they have the music cranked up. It’s during the day, and when we did the roof we cranked the music up, too.

The thing is, the first song I thought I heard today was a Dolly Parton song, “Two Doors Down”. I could have heard wrong, but when we came back later in the day and they had “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” on, I knew it wasn’t me. They’re got the country station cranked up. Not just the country station, but the Classic Country station. Good for them. I usually keep my country fetish to myself as best I can. I admire their confidence.


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