Just My Luck (Roof Bunny Epilogue 1)

I love my kids. Can I start out with that? I love them. But some part of me wonders if they aren’t sent into my life as some fiendish instrument of torture devised to bedevil my days. As if I don’t have enough things bedeviling my days without their help.

If you know the roof-bunny-saga, you know sometimes my own great ideas are my undoing. The snow-thaw-sit-snow-thaw cycle has been hard on me, what with mister bunny reappearing every few weeks.

Last weekend there was an excited knock at my back door. It was jasper. He had found a great collection of roof-icicles, of which there are millions of impressive specimens. The ones he brought to show me weren’t cylindrical or conical shaped. They were long and flat, like clear swords. He brought a few to show me. As he was doing so he was biting off big, crunchy chunks and nosh-noshing them. I asked where he found these oddly shaped icicles. Nosh-nosh-nosh, “I knocked them off the roof.” Uh, oh.

Which roof? “The next-door-family’s roof.” Nosh, nosh, crunch, nosh.



6 thoughts on “Just My Luck (Roof Bunny Epilogue 1)

  1. Hossenfeffer-cicles!!!

    Is evil-zombie-bunny still present?

  2. …or should I say “haunting you”?

  3. emily says:

    AAAAGH! (i will not barf… i will not barf…)

  4. emily says:

    hey lisa! i just noticed that the roof bunny saga, as related on this here blog-site, omits the transfer of the bunny from garage roof to neighbor’s roof.

    related: do you want to see an annotated picture of what happened when a bunny tried to escape a hawk by going through a chain link fence?

  5. @emily, thanks for pointing that out. I really need a manager. It will happen to turn out that the story of the stupid hailstorm and ensuing chaos will explain how roof-bunny got to be on the neighbor’s roof.

    Also, My stupid blog stopped sending comments to my hotmail account for some reason so it seems like i’m ignoring people, but i’m not doing it on purpose.

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