Enter the crazy

That’s the thing about the crazy. It makes sense at the time. If not, you’re dealing with something other than the crazy. ┬áThat’s The Crazy’s claim to fame, is that it can make any old weird thing seem sane. It came upon me a couple weeks ago, just like it might come to you. I can look back on it now and laugh, but it could have gone the other way, where it looks back on me and laughs.

I was washing dishes at the sink as the dishwasher was washing dishes under the counter. Sometimes a person has to do this. I was just doing my thing, you know? Washing the wine glasses that were too tall to fit in the dishwasher. As I was daydreaming and washing dishes, I heard a noise in the dishwasher. It was a kind of creaking, but not really a creaking, more of a croaking…. OK, what it was, was a quacking noise. It sounded something like what you might imagine a duck might sound like if it were caught in the dishwasher.

I was mulling this, rolling it around absentmindedly in my head when one of the voices which usually speak in a kind of muddled crowd-speak when mulling things over, one of these voices spoke up and said, “It does sound a lot like a duck. A lot like a duck.” That was the beginning of the argument that happened in my head for the next few minutes. It went something like this:

A LOT like a duck.

It’s not a duck.

How hard would it be to just open the dishwasher and check?

You’re the crazy. There are not ducks in the dishwasher.

Maybe I’m the crazy, but for god’s sake why not check? It really sounds just like a duck.

It sounds something like a duck, but there wasn’t a duck in there when the dishwasher started ten minutes ago.

Anything can happen. That noise is seriously duck-like. Why not just check? What bad could come of that?

Dude. A duck could seriously never have gotten in to the dishwasher. Hell a duck couldn’t even get in the back door.

The sound is getting a little quieter. Be pretty sad if a duck got killed just because we didn’t just take a peek.

This is how people start going crazy.