Lisa Bonnie Morgan

This is me. I’m older than before. I was once very cute and that was fun.

Some things I like to do and do pretty well: write, cook, speak Spanish

Some things I like to do and do mediocre or not well at all: dance, draw, sew, sing, garden and play piano

Some things I hate to do but do anyway: floss, drive, fly, travel, shower, wake up before 9am.

Things I struggle with: greed, judgment, vanity, lust, sloth, anger, fear, discretion,organization, rocks, impulse control, sensory overload.

I like people, but not crowds. I like nature, but not camping. I like animals, but mostly only their dry parts and never more than 4 legs.

4 thoughts on “Lisa Bonnie Morgan

  1. Bern says:

    Lisa, Just read your Mary stories. OMG! You are great! Don’t downplay your holiness. But, I do know exactly those things whereof you speak. I giggled & have tears. I can just see the 10 yearl old morphing into a pg young woman before Mary’s very eyes. And she should talk?! What wonderful stories.

  2. “Just south of 40”???

    My co-worker said he has a graphing calculator you could borrow to “double check” your numbers if you want…


  3. lisa says:

    @dave, this was an old post. It was true at the time.

  4. Ph says:

    Hmmmm where am I?

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